Welcome to the Korea Post. I am Kim Kee-deok, President of Korea Post.

President of Korea Post

We always appreciate your continued and sincere affection and interest towards our postal businesses.

As a trustworthy government organization, Korea Post has been providing postal, savings, and insurance services to the public via our nationwide network of 3,500 post offices.

Since its establishment in 1884 as Directorate General of Postal Services, Korea Post has stood side by side with the nation’s astonishing development throughout its history. As we have done until now, we will always try our best to realize postal services that deliver happiness to the people, especially by focusing on better efficiency in postal logistics and continuous advancement in financial services.

We will always be there right next you whenever you need us, keeping a firm determination to make each of our steps help realize the convergence of Information and Communication Technologies and national growth.

We are asking for your unswerving interest and encouragement towards Korea Post so that we can continue to be one of the most reliable government organizations and closest service agencies of the people.

Thank you very much.